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Bringing Back Sankheda Furniture to Indian Home Décor

Indian home decor has slowly morphed into several forms. Be it pop art, or Nordic shades, we change our homes in tandem to how the world of art and interior continues to evolve. But Indian homes have always been a kaleidoscope or indigenous arts and crafts. From our linen to our woodwork, our homes have a wholesome mix of handicraft collected from different corners of the country.

One such artwork that has jumped to prominence again, is Gujarat’s Sankheda furniture. While the traditional art form dates back to several centuries, it is making a return to modern Indian homes, adding a dash of elegance with its look.

The furniture gets its name from the village, it was originally made in. Sankheda, a village close to Vadodara is famous for its lacquer work. The artisans typically work with solid colours, mostly black, maroon, green and orange, painting on the distinctive ornate design in silver and gold paint. Sheets of tinfoil is pounded with hot glue till both dissolves easily in water. The craftsmen then use the same mixture to paint intricate designs on the teak wood, giving it, its unique look.

The newer generation of artisans is also experimenting with shades of ivory and other, brighter colours. Inserting articles of Sankheda furniture into your modern decor will infuse a quiet dignity into your home. Here are some ways in which you can do up your house, the Sankheda way.

  1. Sankheda crib
    Families that are expecting a baby can go beyond cribs that are made of the usual white wood, and opt for a more traditional looking Sankheda crib. Made of solid teak wood, not only would stand out, but it would also surround the little one with an art form that symbolizes patience and precision.
  2. Sankheda sofa set
    Most of our modern homes are painted in vibrant hues or covered in wallpaper prints that are mild and sometimes eclectic. Bringing in the folk element into the contemporary set up, a Sankheda sofa set would be a perfect addition to your living room.
  3. Sankheda headboard & bed
    Give your bedroom a touch of the old school royalty, by adding a headboard, or maybe an entire Sankheda bed into the mix. One can opt for an elaborate four-poster bed to accentuate the look further or go for a more tradition princess style bed, a look that pairs beautifully with Sankheda art.
  4. Sankheda swing
    Give your home a touch of the ornate, with a Sankheda swing set. Bold, and opulent, the swing won’t just be one for a show, but would also seat several people without a creak.
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