We're a Gujarat based startup created from enthusiasm and desire to continue a legacy rich tradition of Sankheda

Sankheda, located on the banks of the Orsang River, 55 km from Vadodara is renowned worldwide for its finely polished lacquer work and hand-crafted furniture. It is an excellent example of woodworking, woodturning, lacquerware and hand-painting on wood. An artisan community called Kharadi Suthars make this furniture. They use hand-held tools, lathes, and simple machinery to do so. The tradition of making hand-painted furniture in Sankheda dates back to the mid-1800s. Sankheda furniture is colourful teak wood furniture of Gujarat, India, treated with lacquer and painted in traditional bright shades of maroon and gold.

Heavily embellished Sankheda furniture is a common feature of most Gujarati households far and wide. The vibrant, colorful pieces are designed by craftsmen from the Kharadi community of Gujarat. To create each piece, teakwood is fashioned using a lathe and chiseled into its desired form. A natural resin is used that is obtained from a secretion from tiny insects found on lac trees. Floral and geometrical patterns are painted on the wood and an agate stone is used to furnish it. You’ll find some exquisite center tables, sofa sets, swings, dining tables, cradles and doors crafted using this technique.

Sankheda Sofa Set

Vast collection of our Sankheda sofa sets consists of Sankheda sofa sets of numerous designs & sizes. Uniquely designed, these products of ours are available at very competitive prices.

Sankheda Mandirs

Available at very low prices, we have Sankheda mandirs of various shapes & designs. These uniquely designed Sankheda mandirs can add unmatched brilliance in one’s interior decoration.

Sankheda Dinning Tables

We have one of the breath-taking collections of dining tables in numerous designs & shapes. Economically available, these can add mesmerizing beauty in one’s interior decoration.

Sankheda Swings

We have a diversified range of swings. Uniquely designed, these products can add much needed brilliance in one’s artistic corner. Further, we are providing these products at very low prices.

Sankheda Corner Tables

Especially carved, we have corner tables of several designs & shapes. Available at very low prices, these products have proved a most effective tool in adding unseen brilliance in one’s interior decoration.

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